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“Content Upgrades PRO” plugin for WordPress

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What is a “Content Upgrade” ?

A “content upgrade” is a piece of extra content that you offer within your article, but people can’t get access to it unless they opt-in with their email address.

What is the conversion rate of this email list building tactic?
  • Bryan Harris from VideoFruit is getting average opt-in rate of 20-30% using “content upgrades”.

  • Brian Dean from Backlinko improved his overall site conversions by 185% using this method.

  • Michael Hyatt says he gets 59,2% email conversion rate on one of his articles.

How content upgrades work?
You present a bonus right inside your article, using an eye-catchy “fancy box”
As your readers click a “fancy box”, they will see a pop-up, asking for their email address to get the desired bonus
After they opt-in, they will get directly to your bonus (or receive the bonus in their Inbox, depending on your settings)

View Plans & Pricing
60-day moneyback guarantee

I'm Tim Soulo, the founder of Content Upgrades PRO plugin.

Like you, I'm obsessed with growing my email list, because that is my most valuable asset as a blogger and online entrepreneur.

And I was totally blown away when I first learned about “content upgrades“.

Basically, you put a piece of bonus material into your article, and make people give you their email address in order to get it.

I saw many prominent figures in the marketing field using “content upgrades“ on their blogs with up to 60% conversion rate, which was totally insane.

That's why I immediately started looking for ways to create “content upgrades” on my own blog. But all the solutions were either too pricey or too painful to setup and use.

So I decided to develop my own WordPress plugin that would be easy to use and wouldn’t charge me every single month.

Without further ado, I’m proud to present you:

Once I implemented Content Upgrades PRO on my personal blog, BloggerJet.com, I saw an immediate 300% increase in my email conversion rate.

And here’s what makes this plugin so effective…

Eye-catchy “Fancy Boxes“:

Whether people read your article from start to finish or just skim through to see what’s in it for them, they won't miss these attractive “fancy boxes”, offering your bonus content.

Engaging Pop-up Email Forms:

One of the reasons why “content upgrades” have such a high conversion rate is the so-called “two-step opt-in”: visitors don’t see the email opt-in form till they click the link in the “fancy box”.

And once they do, they will see one of these appealing popup forms.

Performance Statistics:

If you’re serious about growing your email list with content upgrades, you have to keep an eye on two things:

    1. What % of your visitors click on the “fancy box” - this will show you if you’re pitching your bonus content well enough to make people want it.

    2. What % of clicks on the fancy box result into new email subscribers - this will show if the copy of your popup email form is persuasive enough to make people finish what they started.

You can clearly see these performance statistics in Content Upgrades PRO plugin.

Content Upgrades PRO easily integrates with:

... we’re constantly adding new integrations
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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Purchasing Content Upgrades PRO is 100% risk-free. You have 60 days to give it a run and see that you like it. If something doesn't meet your expectiations...
- I will refund all your money without any hassle.

There's absolutely no way you can lose, except by not giving Content Upgrades PRO a try.

Customer Testimonials
Michael Karp / copytactics.com

Content Upgrades PRO has helped me nearly double my email list in the last 3 months. I can set up a content upgrade in minutes that's optimized to capture emails, and set it up to automatically deliver the resource to my subscribers. Excellent plugin.

Kim Roach / buzzblogger.com

Looks like you've got a ROCKIN Wordpress Plugin here with Content Upgrades Pro. I plan on recommending it to my audience because I know a lot of people are looking for a LeadPages alternative :)

Michelle Janosi / michellejanosi.com

Thank you for the download, Tim and THANK YOU for a really great plug at such a great cost. Glad I can get it before you raise the price. It's DEFINITELY worth MORE than $47. Thanks again! I will test it out and get back to you but so far, AMAZING, with the design options. I really feel like this was a total steal!

Nathalie Chantal / vitaminrecipes.com

THANK YOU! Downloaded and installed. I so love this plugin! I'm officially one step away from making you my all-time hero now ;-)

Francois Bellet / grimper-malin.fr

Great plugin! And great support! I had an issue while installing Content Upgrade Pro and Tim helped me within 5 minutes after I sent him an email. The issue was resolve very quickly. Thanks Tim for your plugin and for your priceless help.

Vegard Bell / sunndessert.no

Thank you for this great plugin! I get a lot more subscribers this way :)

Still wondering if Content Upgrades PRO is for you?

Let me cover some of the frequently asked questions!

How many content upgrades can I create with this plugin?
As many as you need.
Do I need any technical skills to setup and use Content Upgrades PRO?
No. The plugin was created specifically for people with absolutely no technical/coding skills. Setting up a content upgrade is no harder than publishing a blog post.
Which email services are supported?
As of today we support MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit (we'll add more options very soon).
What if my email service is not supported?
The plugin has an option to send all new opt-ins to your email address. You can also export them as a .CSV file and import into your email service.
Is there an option to disable “double opt-in”?
Yes! You can disable “double opt-in” if you’re using MailChimp, Aweber or GetResponse
Does it only work on WordPress sites?
Yes. This is a WordPress-only plugin, and it will not work with any other CMS.
Is this a one-time purchase?
Yes. This is a one-time purchase, we don’t have any recurring subscriptions or hidden fees.
Can I upgrade my license after purchase?
Yes. If you decide to upgrade to a higher license you can do that by paying the difference in price. For upgrades - please contact us directly.
Can I use an image as a link to my bonus?
Yes. You can use any images as a link to your bonus materials at ease with Content Upgrades PRO. Create engaging visuals and buttons to get even more email subscribers.
Can I change the images in the pop-up?
Yes. You can add your own images to the pop-up forms or use pop-ups with no images at all.
Got more questions?
Please use this contact form to reach us: