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1. Purchase, Installation and Activation


Where can I find the license number to activate plugin?


I have download the plugin as ZIP file. How can I install it?


I had purchased your product, but still did not receive my license number.


I am using Content Upgrades PRO plugin on one site, but cannot activate it on another one.


Can I upgrade my license from Single-Site to Multi- or Developer’s and pay only the price difference?



2. Settings


The plugin asks for API key to integrate it with MailChimp. Where can I find it?


How can I send my subscribers to different email lists?


I get this error when someone is trying to access the content upgrade: “Error code: List_mergeFieldRequired”


The custom email doesn’t seem to be sent – where does that come from, and is there any configuration required?



3. Returning Subscribers and Access to Multiple Content Upgrades


How do you manage a subscriber who wants to get several different content upgrades from my site? Does he have to opt-in over and over again?



4. Adding Upgrades to your Posts/Pages


I want only one word or two to be a content upgrade link, not the whole text in the fancy box.


Can I add a content upgrade link to the blog post text without a fancy box?


Can I add (on every content upgrade) a hidden input for MailChimp to know for every subscriber which content upgrade they come from?


Can I have different content upgrades on one page?



5. General/Other


What email clients are supported by your plugin?


Does the plugin work with themes/frameworks? And are there any plugins that I should not be using you are aware of?


Does is the pop-up show on a timer delay or only if someone clicks the link?


I want to send a PDF book directly to my new subscribers. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to put the downloadable file onto its own page?


Affiliate Program


I want to be your affiliate. What do I need so start?


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