1. How to become our affiliate:

We sell Content Upgrades PRO through ClickBank.

If you’re already a member of ClickBank, just replace XXX in the url below with your Nickname and that would be it

This is your affiliate link http://XXX.cupgrades.hop.clickbank.net Put your ClickBank nickname (username)
instead of XXX in this URL

Now whenever someone will click your affiliate link and purchase Content Upgrades PRO plugin, your ClickBank account will be automatically credited 50% from it’s price.

It’s really THAT EASY!

If You’re New To ClickBank
No worries, registering at ClickBank is easier than registering an email account.

Just go to http://www.clickbank.com/

Click the “SIGN UP” button in upper right corner;

Fill in all the required fields, choose your username and click “Submit Account Registration”.

Once you’re able to login to ClickBank with your username and password - you’re all set!

Now you can put your ClickBank username into our affiliate URL (explained above) and sell Content Upgrades PRO.

2. How To Sell Content Upgrades PRO:

Blog Post:

The single most effective way to sell Content Upgrades PRO would be to educate your blog readers why it’s cool and how to benefit from using it.

You can see me do this in the following article:

[Case Study] How I Increased My Email Conversion Rate By 300% Using Content Upgrades
(just rewrite this article on your own blog and it will bring you sales)

You can also go through your past articles about "Content Marketing" and edit them to reference Content Upgrades PRO with your affiliate URL.

Email Update:

To make some instant sales you can send an update to your email list and let people know about this nice plugin

You can either send them direcly to the sales page with your affiliate link or make them read your article, explaining why Content Upgrades PRO is cool

You can put such an email onto your autoresponder, so that every new subscriber will get it. This would be a nice passive income.

Questions? Please use this contact form to reach us:

Feel free to use the contact form below regardless of the topic of your question and we’ll do our best to help you out!