I Want Only One Word or Two to Be a Content Upgrade Link, Not the Whole Text in the Fancy Box

By [email protected]

You can have any part of text inside a fancy box as your content upgrade link.

Here is an example:

content upgrade link 1

How is it made?

1. Add a content upgrade link (without a fancy box)

content upgrade link 2

  • Select the text in the Editor
  • Select Content Upgrade in the Add field
  • Choose one of your content upgrades to add
  • Set Fancy Box field to None
  • Click Ok

2. Add a Fancy Box

content upgrade link 3

  • Select the text in the Editor
  • Select Fancy Box in the Add field
  • Set Fancy Box design
  • Click Ok

Your content upgrade link is ready.

You can do the same, using shortcodes.

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