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Integrating Content Upgrades PRO with ONTRAPORT

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Integrating your copy of Content Upgrades PRO plugin with ONTRAPORT is really easy.

1. LogIn to your ONTRAPORT account and go to  Account Menu > Administration



2. Click ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager in Integrations section



3. Copy APP ID and API Key and paste them into the relevant fields in Content Upgrades PRO settings.



Then click CONNECT API button


Upon successful connection you will see a message with a list of sequences, grabbed from your ONTRAPORT account.


4. Click Save button to save your settings

That’s it. Content Upgrades PRO plugin is ready to send new subscribers to ONTRAPORT service.


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A Pop-Up Is Not Shown to Me (Skipped) as I Click the Content Upgrade Link on My Site

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Content Upgrades PRO plugin uses the smart cookie system for the best experience of your new subscribers.

Whenever someone opts-in to get bonus content on your website, such information will be stored in the visitor’s web browser as a cookie. This system allows your visitors to re-access bonus content without having to enter their email address again (if they have already opted-in via one of your content upgrades, created with Content Upgrades PRO plugin).

So to test your content upgrade links and pop-ups you can open your page with content upgrade link in:

Alternatively you can delete individual cookie for your website. Cookie name you can delete manually is coupg_session.

If none of the above mentioned methods helps you, please use our support form on the main page.

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I Want to Be Your Affiliate. What Do I Need so Start?

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Becoming our affiliate is very easy.
We sell Content Upgrades PRO plugin via ClickBank platform. So you must have an account at

You need your personal affiliate link to send people to our product.
Where XXX is your Account Nickname (username) at ClickBank.

Now whenever someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases Content Upgrades PRO plugin, your ClickBank account will be automatically credited 50% from its price.

You can find more information here.

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I want to Send a PDF Book Directly to my New Subscribers. Is There a Way to Do This, or Do I Have to Put the Downloadable File onto Its Own Page?

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If you’re using MailChimp, Aweber or GetResponse, your new subscribers can get the bonus files directly with double opt-in feature disabled.

Select the bonus file, when configuring your content upgrade.

direct file download

And choose “Direct URL to download file” from the drop-down menu.

Your new subscribers will get to your bonus file directly after they opt-in


You can send bonuses to your new subscribers, using custom email feature.

Please note that it is a Beta feature and might not work correctly with some hosting environments.

Enable this feature in the Content Upgrades PRO settings and set delivery delay, if needed.

custom email

Put a link to your bonus file in the Message field of a custom email, sent to every new subscriber for this particular content upgrade.

custom email 2

However the easiest way is to keep all your bonuses on a single page, using “Bonuses Depot” table, especially with double opt-in feature enabled.

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Does the Plugin Work with Themes/Frameworks? And Are There Any Plugins That I Should Not Be Using You Are Aware Of?

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Content Upgrades PRO plugin works with all the major WordPress Themes and Builders.

The plugin does not cause any conflicts with other professional plugins.

Please note that Content Upgrades PRO is solely a WordPress plugin and will not work with other content management systems.

Please make sure that your website or blog is self-hosted, powered by WordPress. You cannot add plugins to hosted sites.

If you have difficulties using Content Upgrades PRO plugin with your theme or builder, please use support form at our main page to contact our support team.

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Does the Box Pop-Up on a Timer Delay or Only If Someone Clicks the link?

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Content upgrade pop-up is only shown to a visitor when he clicks the link to your bonus content. So the pop-up is action-triggered.


As a pop-up is triggered by the user’s action, he is more likely to give you his email address.


In the latest version we have added the site-wide pop-up for your “big bait” lead magnets, which can be shown on a timer delay or on exit intent.

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